SharePoint Server 2016 Virtual Machine Download

I guess everyone who has downloaded SharePoint 2013 VM from the following link: SharePoint 2013 VM is familiar with most of the steps needed to run the image on your machine. It has been a while since the introduction of the previous version of SharePoint, and hence I have been thinking it is the time to create a new one so everyone could benefit from it. Following are the details of this new evaluation VM and how to download it:

  1. The VM was created using the latest VMWare Workstation version (12.5.7) which can be downloaded as a free download from the VMWare site. You can use the latest version of the free tool to launch it. Once you have downloaded it, you can also convert it into other formats to open it with another virtualization tool of your choice.
  2. It was created using the 180 day evaluation versions Windows Server 2016 Standard Ed., SQL Server 2016 (see below) and the SharePoint 2016 Trial license (with the latest Sept 2017 CU).
  3. It consists of only 1 hard drives, a VMWare virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file and other supporting VMWare files.
  4. The VM has 16 GB of RAM allocated to it by default, and also it is pre-configured with 1CPU/4Cores, so you will have to adjust these settings according to your HW specs (controlled by the settings in the “.vmx” file or via the virtual machine settings in the VMWare workstation). You can reduce or increase the RAM to suite your needs, although, 12 GB is the minimum required and 16 GB is what I will recommend for this VM.
  5. It has the SP2K16DEV.local as the Active Directory domain.
  6. Once you fire up the VM, you’ll have to provide credentials to login to the VM, using the following domain account: “SP2K16DEV.local\SP2K16”. Please find the the password in the attached ReadMe.txt file accompanying the downloads. P.S The same account has been used to install SharePoint 2016, SQL Server 2016 and should be used to access central admin. There is only one account on the VM and the password is part of the ReadMe file accompanying the downloads. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, AS THIS IS A DOMAIN ADMIN ACCOUNT! THIS MACHINE CAN BE USED AS A LAB/DEV ENVIRONMENT ONLY, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IT CAN BE USED IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT!
  7. The Central Admin site address is: http://sp2k16:10000/ , and I’ve also created one Search site collection: http://sp2k16:10000/sites/search with pre-crawled site: TutorialsPoint (indexed only partially so that VM won’t blow up in space).
  8. If the VM does not start after you have downloaded it, ensure that the total size of the extracted files matches what’s specified above. The total size of the archived files that you have downloaded is about 10GB (sorry, haven’t added verification yet, next time).

Finally, all the files, including the ReadMe.txt are uploaded to the Google Drive folder at the following link:

To download the files, you can go with either of the following options:

  1. Add the folder to your Google Drive and then use the Google Drive Desktop Client to sync the files to your local computer  OR
  2. Download the files directly by using the browser “Save target as…” functionality (not really recommended and should be used if for some odd reason #1 does not work for you) OR
  3. There might be some download managers as well that might allow you to specify a google drive URL and download all files from their but I am not aware of any at the moment
  4.  It is better to download each file separately, as GDrive auto-archives them if you choose to download all files at once, and the dl speed drops significantly.

Instructions for extracting the VM: You will need to download all the .rar files to your machine and unpack the virtual machine to a desired directory (preferably a SSD drive, otherwise performance may be suffering). After ensuring that you have the latest version of the VMWare Player installed, you can then double-click the “Windows Server 2016.vmx” file to run the virtual machine.

Instructions to activate the licenses: Here’s how you can activate the licenses for:

  1. For the OS (Windows Server 2016): You can view the instructions in the comments of the following blog here  or in the corresponding TechNet article here.
  2. For SQL Server 2016: Unfortunately there’s no way to rearm a SQL Server Evaluation license. You will have to convert it to a retail license. The way to do that is to:
    1. Run the SQL Server setup
    2. Click on the maintenance tab
    3. Click on “Edition upgrade”
    4. Follow the steps till you reach the product key screen and enter your product key (usually pre-filled if a licensed installation media is used)
    5. You can read a good set of instructions for converting your eval license to a full license here:
  3. For SharePoint Server 2016:
    1. Browse to Central Admin –> Upgrade and Migration –> Convert farm license type
    2. On the Convert License Type page, in the Enter the Product Key box, type the new product key and then click OK.
    3. Verify that the license is upgraded by going back to the page
    4. Please note that the SharePoint 2016 trial is only available as an Enterprise trial. Consequently you will only be able to activate an Enterprise (and not Standard) CAL on this VM

Hope you will find the VM useful. If you did, it will be great if you can leave a comment below. Please share any feedback that you may have! Happy SharePointing! 🙂


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    1. I had the same problem. To fix it you need to open IIS Manager and go to the application pools. You’ll see 5 application pools using the identity SP2K16DEV\SP2K16 you’ll need to update the password for each to the new password you used. You can do that by clicking each application pool and in the advanced settings in the Identity property by clicking the […] button. You’ll have to reenter “SP2K16DEV\SP2K16” then your new password. Hope this helps

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